Copy machine ozone

Photocopiers emit ozone into the air, which is the main reason you should not sit next to a copier at work. Fitting an activated carbon filter to the exhaust manifold in the copier can trap ozone before it gets into the office, but proper maintenance of the filter is necessary to reduce ozone levels. There has been much publicity in recent years regarding the ill effects of ozone in the workplace. Articles have claimed that photocopiers , computers, fax machines and printers emit ozone which can make staff unwell.

Despite the advantages and commercial benefits of photocopiers , they are also sources of air pollution. During operation, photocopiers emit toner particles, toxic gases namely ozone , nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, radiation, particulate matter, paperĀ . Also, since the odor detection level of ozone is very low, a strong odor of ozone may be perceive even though levels are within acceptable limits. We also offer video chat walk-thrus of various repairs.

We can use Skype or zoom for any Xerox repair. The maximum ozone concentration in the breathing zone of operators was found to be between 0. Technical conditions for the amount of ozone generated by photocopiers are describe as well as conditions for the rate of decomposition of ozone.

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