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BABYMOP – Your Baby Helps Cleaning the House. La société américaine Better Than Pants, spécialisée dans la création de T-shirts amusants,vient de lancer un tout nouveau produit, le Baby Mop , un vêtement complètement surréaliste qui . Pour que votre bébé fasse aussi sa part du ménage ! Grenouillère en forme de serpillière Une grande économie sur le ménage Bébé vendu séparément. Achetez le Baby Mop : Pyjama-Serpillère sur lavantgardiste. Une créatrice futée et rusée a décidé de le commercialiser et. Teach your kid a strong work ethic at a young age with the baby mop onesie.

Not only will your baby learn the importance of cleanliness, but he will also. Mais aux Etats-Unis la fiction dépasse toujours la réalité ! Les ventes de cette combinaison révolutionnaire pour bébé décollent malgré les plaintes de certains parents sur le concept. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!

Let Your Baby Help Cleaning the House! Use the mobility of your baby and let it take on some of the household chores early in life. BABY MOPS : The latest in baby- wear made a big hit in Japan, and an even bigger hit with working moms in the U. Such a structure could be described as a NEW BABY MOP , organizing a series of scenes including the ones instantiated by the poem, or alternatively as a NEW BABY meta-MOP organizing a series of MOPs (such as M-CHILDBIRTH, M-BABY CARE, etc.), which in their turn include the scenes that I have identified. Gillian nodded her head.

Good guess on my part, huh? A fake ad in Japan offered the Baby Mop to “make your children work for their keep. It showed a photograph of a cute baby wearing a one-piece outfit with a mop attached. As the baby crawls, the floor gets cleaned. Since the ad went viral, at least two companies now make a real baby mop onesie.

Everyone is in his crib. While I change him, the others get to work in either the bathroom or kitchen. Get Mike and Jeannie out of bathroom tub, washing toys.

Mop up half a quart of juice someone spilled on kitchen floor. Cet article parle de body serpillere, baby mop acheter , body mop, grenouillere bebe pattes, acheter baby mop, body avec serpillere, baby mop france. So far, sales have been strong, but until someone proves that dust-covered babies are a goodthing, this fad will fade quickly.

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