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LUGGAGE can often take ages to come back on the belt after a flight, taking away from you enjoying your holiday. However, one traveller reveals a secret trick to ensure you get yours first, without paying a penny extra. Baggage handlers throw passenger luggage into plane cargo holds quickly and haphazardly. A baggage handler tells all about whether having a fragile sticker on your bag actually helps at the airport. Safeguard breakables with a free “ fragile ” sticker affixed to your bag.

Some travelers buy these in advance. Just ask your airline customer-service agent to slap a few on your suitcases. Have you ever put a fragile sticker on your luggage?

Here are a few tips on packing fragile items for your next flight so they will arrive safely. Usually we were under pressure to get the bags in the plane on time. The bags were placed into containers, then the containers were loaded onto the plane.

Sometimes, when I would open a container, I would see fragile stickers flying by as they crash . Does putting on a fragile sticker really make a difference when at. How to get the luggage from airport as early as possible – Quora déc. Do people who work at the airport care about cargo with fragile.

What do Fragile stickers on checked baggage do. However, the destination airport are only required to throw or lift items onto a in- bound conveyor. In all situations you are strongly advised to carefully wrap fragile items, using bubble wrap or other protective material inside a strong outer case. Applying fragile stickers will improve the awareness but not . Whether the bag is treated any differently is unclear. How-make-sure-suitcase-comes-airport.

Traduire cette page nov. Others have also suggested slapping a “ fragile ” sticker on your bag to not only make sure it stays on top of the pile of luggage — and therefore, among the first to come out at the carousel — but it will also get some extra-careful attention. This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with . As I said I will also be getting a few taxis at hotels and airports and I might not always have my eyes on it with other bags etc so at least the drivers etc will see the stickers too. Plus when I get to my destination in Asia I will be getting a bus and I want them to be very careful with it as they can be rough . These tricks can help you get your bag and make your way out of the airport , fast. One of the ways to do this is by asking the representative at the check-in counter to attach a fragile sticker to your bag.

Bags that are marked as fragile will typically be loaded later and come out before the other bags. Has an airline ever lost your bag? Want to know what really happens to your bags when you wave them goodbye at the airport ? We interview a baggage handler at a major airport who reveals the truth about your suitcase. Took this video at the kl airport waiting for the flight and it was the only thing that marred an otherwise pretty.

Quora user Raqhav Kabra recommended this brilliant trick for getting your luggage back more quickly. It is usually labelled with a sticker or tag reading “ fragile ” that airport staff place on the bag. A fragile tag is meant to be put on . Airport expansion – consultation.

Now, I’m a baggage handler at an international airport. Excess Baggage will securely . And just so you know, those fragile stickers are a common sight on the belt.