Shinex festool

La chaleur du moteur est refroidie en continu par un dissipateur . Careful attention to ergonomics and gripping options, combined with light weight and . Speeds can also be easily preset. Продажа в Москве у официального дилера. I want to buy it in the near future, and I was thinking to see some thoughts.

Slow polishing action or fast: polish just the way you want.

With this in min we have worked closely with specialists in the woodworking and painting trades to bring you the new rotary . Rotary polisher SHINEX RAP 150. Power consumption, 2W. Idle engine spee 4rpm- 1rpm.

Maximum polishing pad dia. Package pricing is available. В тесном сотрудничестве со специалистами по окраске автомобилей была создана новая ротационная полировальная машинка SHINEX. Удобная форма ручки и разные способы .

Quantité de remplissage . Für eine gleichbleibende Umdrehung wird der Schalter fixiert. Die auftretende Motorwärme wird dabei kontinuierlich . With the comfortably positioned variable speed trigger, the SHINEX RAP 1rotary polisher can be controlled at low speed and perfectly adapted to the polishing task at hand. The trigger is locked to ensure a consistent speed. The heat produced by the motor is continuously cooled via an integrated heat sink. The SHINEX Polishing System features an assortment of polishing felts, sheepskins and multiple grades of Sponges that are designed to work together, delivering maximum finishing.

Whether for auto body work or for super- high-gloss wood finishes the SHINEX System offers everything you nee plus. This heavy duty electric polisher features low weight and optimum weight distribution to allwo for optimum tool guidance. Other features include a special variable speed trigger to ensure the perfect finish.

Improved dynamics thanks to t. The RAP 1mm SHINEX rotary polisher is an impressively light and ergonomic machine for all purpose use, even on delicate surfaces. The variable speed trigger enables a sensitive start to polishing with precisely adjusted high spee which can be adjusted and fixed at any speed up to 1rpm. Livraison offerte, Paiement 3x sans frais à partir de 100€.

RAP 150mm SHINEX Rotary Polisher Polish just the way you want. Do you have a question about your tool? Festool Shinex RAP1FE Polisher.