Urinal attachment for toilet

Sick of the wife nagging you about leaving the toilet seat up? No longer will men have to worry about this dilemma, with the Main Drain, a new attachable urinal for your toilet. This is the Kickstarter for the Main Drain, a urinal attachment for at-home toilets. The $piece of plastic clamps on to the side of a regular shitter (no tools except your peenor required!) and allows the user to.

The Main Drain is an adjustable urinal that can be attached to an existing toilet. The urinal attaches to the toilet bowl (no tools are necessary) and can.

The detachable and adjustable urinal aims to make toilet time more convenient for guys. Gold Man promises to turn your ordinary toilet into a urinal. The things cost hundreds of dollars, however, plus they take up a lot of space.

Who would actually strap this urinal attachment onto their toilet ? I can only imagine how quickly your bathroom would smell like stale urine. Also, the Main Drain brings the pee spigot pretty close to your body and face when you are seated on the toilet. Why do you think the inventor is leaning right?

A urinal assembly for attachment to a toilet of the type which is floor mounted over a drain, including a toilet -mounting flange. URINAL ATTACHMENT Filed Oct.

A device for use with toilets introduces urinal functionality to traditional seated toilets. By providing a urinal attachment the need to raise and lower a toilet seat is eliminate along with many of the corresponding issues that result from different gender preferences for toilet seat positioning. A mount connect a funneling body . This thing adds a urinal to your toilet ! This invention relates to new and useful improvements in urinal pot attachments for . It drains under the seat. No more raising and lowering the seat for a. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A main body (22) has a downwardly-directed outlet opening (28) and a forwardly- directed inlet opening (30).

A vertical wall (34) depends downwardly from opposite sidewalls (26) of body (22), is spaced rearwardly from inlet opening (30) , and engages the inner vertical surface (8) of toilet bowl rim (6). Many boys prefer to pee standing up. Your toilet is too tall for your little man to pee into without making one monster of a mess. Essentially a boy sized urinal , a training urinal will allow your little one to practice his aim at a comfortable height. Shop our selection of null in the Bath Department at The Home Depot.

Kits consist of a urine shield that stands up at the back of the toilet bowl and may include attachment fittings for the urine shield and a protective mat for the floor in front of the toilet. Wipe clean the toilet rim and the outside of the bowl. Clip the attachment fittings onto the bowl rim or fasten on the outside of.

A urinal attachment for a toilet (10) is provided which consists of a valve assembly (34) mounted to an interior of a tank (14) for the toilet (10) to direct a water supply to a flexible pouch (28) mounted at an underside of the lid (16) of the toilet (10). A supply hose (30) is connected from the valve assembly (34) to the flexible .

Take bedpan, urinal , or commode pail to the bathroom. Urinal Attachment For Your Toilet. Pour urine from bedpan, urinal , or toilet attachment into the specimen container. Specimen container should be at least half full. Cover the urine container with its lid.

Wipe off the outside with a paper towel. Place the container in a plastic bag. Then there are fairly standard toilets , accompanied by extensive handrail systems for patients with restricted mobility and agility.

We will see that these often include attachments used by nursing care staff to clean bedpans, hand-held urinals , and components of the portable toilets. Of course, the portable units can be used in . And it is made of hydrophobic materials to ensure . It is easy to install and adjusting the height of the urinal accordingly.